Cow Wreck Beach.   Much more than a beach...


What makes Cow Wreck Beach one of the most special places in the British Virgin Islands?  Yes, the amazing beach and waters is one of the biggest draws, but there is much more waiting for you when you arrive.    


What keeps people coming back to Cow Wreck Beach time after time?   

It's the bar...


Our bar sits in the trade winds overlooking the sea, like a fine lady with changing moods. Enjoy a Wreck Punch, Bushwacker, Painkiller, Pina Colada, Banana, Strawberry or Mango Daiquiri.  Our famous Cow Killer is our own special blend, always served with a smile and a pleasant chat about Anegada and the BVI. Come enjoy the great drinks of the Caribbean.

Ann's Guest Houses...

Rent one of our comfortable Guest House for a most relaxing time. Sleep to the gentle sounds of the sea, feel the gentle trade winds blow, and enjoy the comforts of being at home right on the best beach in all the BVI.

It's the beach...


Cow Wreck's exquisite beach is the best in all of the BVI. It is an ideal place for wading and swimming. The water near shore is only waist deep with a perfect sand bottom.  Kids can play in the sand while you lime only steps from our bar.  You can walk for miles, watching the sand and water change colors before your eyes, and not see another person!

It's the kitchen...


Our restaurant serves up fresh delicious dished for lunch. We specialize in lobster, conch and fish. Our yummy dishes are served with a heaping helping of love.

Try our conch fritters they are acclaimed as the best in the BVI.


It is our people...


Our people on Anegada are known for their genuine friendliness and always a smile. Visit Anegada - come for a day or come and stay a while. We will do our best to make your trip the best ever.

And it's the fishing and Day Trips


Anegada has the best fishing in the BVI. 

*Team Work Charters (284)547-6243*

Please contact Sherwin for your water tour around the island that will includes

Pink Flamingo

Conch Shell Mounds


Offshore Fishing

Day Trips also available for Island hopping